NMS Rule 605 & 606

Disclosure of SEC-Required Order Execution Information and Routing Information
For the convenience of our clients, below we provide links to order execution data and routing information as required by the Securities and Exchange Commission rules and regulations.

NMS Rule 605 - Order Execution Information
William Blair & Company presents this order execution information pursuant to NMS Rule 605. Access our William Blair Rule 605 Data files.

The data that you will find by following the link above will provide you with an indication of the type of execution you will receive for stocks in which William Blair is a market maker. However, please be aware that the majority of the order flow executed by William Blair & Company is not covered by NMS Rule 605 due to special handling requests by customers. The execution results from this order flow will not appear in the data and may differ substantially from the results.

NMS Rule 606 - Order Routing Information
William Blair & Company presents this order routing information pursuant to NMS Rule 606.

View William Blair Rule 606 Data (PDF)

William Blair takes into consideration many factors when determining where to route customers' orders. These include opportunities for price improvement, speed of execution, market depth and order size, cost of execution and the reputation of a particular venue. William Blair actively monitors the execution quality provided by the different market makers and exchanges, and routes orders to venues that have provided consistent, high-quality executions over time.